Background: With over 230 million surgeries every year worldwide, the perioperative setting is an important challenge for clinical physicians. A particular challenge are perioperative myocardial injuries and infarctions (PMI), as they often present asymptomatic. Further, little is known concerning this frequent disease associated with a highly relevant increase in postoperative mortality. BASEL-PMI aims to increase the knowledge about PMIs, by evaluating a new screening strategy using high-sensitivity cardiac troponin done at the University Hospital Basel in high-risk patients. Trial Registration No: NCT02573532 ( Link Trial Status: ongoing Enrolling Centers: Switzerland University Hospital Basel Cantonal Hospital Aarau Core Study Team: Important Publications: (click on links to see abstracts)
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Dr. Christian Puelacher Perioperative Myocardial Injury After Noncardiac Surgery: Incidence, Mortality, and Characterization: Jeanne du Fay de Lavallaz, Christian Puelacher, Giovanna Lurati Buse, Daniel Bolliger, Dominic Germanier, Reka Hidvegi,Joan Elias Walter, Raphael Twerenbold, Ivo Strebel, Patrick Badertscher, Lorraine Sazgary, Andreas Lampart, Jaqueline Espinola, Christoph Kindler, Angelika Hammerer-Lercher, Saranya Thambipillai, Lorenz Guerke, Katharina Rentsch, Andreas Buser, Danielle Gualandro, Marcel Jakob, Christian Mueller for the BASEL-PMI Investigators Esther Seeberger Noemi Glarner Prof. Danielle Menosi  Gualandro Etiology of Peri-Operative Myocardial Infarction/Injury After Noncardiac Surgery and Associated Outcome: Christian Puelacher, Danielle Gualandro, Giovanna Lurati Buse, Dan-iel Bolliger, Stella Marbot, Christoph Kindler, Angelika Hammerer-Lercher, Lorenz Gürke, Luzius Steiner, Christian Mueller. Dr. Katrin Burri Mirjam Pargger Sonja Horvat-Csoti Marco Schär