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curriculum vitae of Maria Rubini
Name: Maria Rubini Date of Birth: April 2th, 1987 Academic Status: Senior physician Position: Resident Address: Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Cardiology University Hospital Basel Petersgraben 4 CH-4031 Basel Email: maria.rubini@usb.ch
Education and Medical Training 1992 - 2005 C.E.U. San Pablo, Valencia (ES). Elementary and high school 2009 - 2010 University of Lausanne (CH). Medical studies (ERASMUS scholarship) 2005 - 2011 University of Valencia (ES) Medical studies 2011 - 2013 Doctoral Thesis on “Rapid Rule-out of AMI using undetectable levels of high sensitive cardiac Troponins” University Hospital Basel (CH), (Prof. Dr. med. Ch. Müller) 2011- 2013 Research fellowship in Cardiology, Universitary Clinic Basel, (CH) (Head of department Prof. Dr. med. C. Mueller) 2012 Research fellowship, Hospital Universitari del Mar Barelona (Prof. Dr. med. Joaquim Gea) 2013 - 2014 Residency in Internal Medicine, Acute Geriatric Universitary Hospital Basel, (CH) 2014 Residency in Internal Medicine, Universitary Hospital Basel, (CH) 2015 Residency in Internal Medicine, Cardiac Surgery, Universitary Hospital Basel, (CH) 2015 Residency in Internal Medicine, Emergency Department, Universitary Hospital Basel, (CH) 2016 Residency in Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Unit, Universitary Hospital Basel, (CH) 2016 - dato Residency in Cardiology, University Hospital Basel (CH) Publications: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=rubini+gimenez http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Gimenez+MR Awards: 2012 / 2014 Young investigator award of the ACCA (ESC) Congress 2014 (Geneva) and 2012 (Istambul), runner up 2014 Otto Hess Trainee Award “Sex-specific Chest Pain Characteristics in the early Diagnosis of AMI” 2014 Women and Heart Research Award “Optimization of the early diagnosis of AMI in women” 2014 Scientific Award 2014, Internal Medicine Department, University Hospital Basel 2015 Faculty Award 2015, University of Basel 2016 Swiss Heart Fundation Grant “Adressing gender-specific inequalities in the early diagnosis and management of acute cardiovascular diseases”
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