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New website online, 09 | 03 | 2012  Today, we proudly present you the redesigned and largely extended website of our  research group with many new features. Following our main goal to make the site more  interactive, you can find now short introduction videos for selected studies, interviews  on our main research topics or interactive slide presentations on our latest talks. In  order to stay up to date on our research activities, come and check the latest entries in this news section. And if you feel like further spreading our research enthusiasm to the  world wide web, then click on the “like” button on the homepage. And now: Welcome to our online portrait...   28 enrolling centers worldwide in 8 countries, 05 | 03 | 2012  To date, we are enrolling patients for our investigator-driven studies in total 28 enrolling  centers in eight different countries (Switzerland sixteen centers, Germany four, Italy  three, Spain one, France one, United Kingdom one, Brasil one, Saudi Arabia one).  To achieve an optimal generalisabilty of our research findings, a broad, international mix  of participating centers is crucial. Maybe, you will be our next partner... Interactive presentations,  01 | 02 | 2012  In order to give you an optimal overview on our research activities and provide you the  latest findings from our group, you can find a selection of presentations, some of them  even interactive, in the publications-section of this website, which will be updated  regularly.  2500th patient enrolled in APACE, 01 | 12 | 2011  On the 1st December 2011, we could enroll the 2500th patients in the APACE-Trial on  acute chest pain. This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate, but also to mainly thank to  all the patients that have participated in this successful trial and thereby contributed to  novel findings in the early diagnosis and risk stratification of acute myocardial infarction.  We will do our best to remain as innovative as we have been in the past in order to offer patients presenting with acute chest pain best diagnostic and therapeutic options; here  in Basel and worldwide. 
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See you in Istanbul, 19-22 | 10 | 2012  This year, the annual congress on Acute Cardiac Care (ACC) by the European Society of Cardiology takes place in Istanbul. Our team is actively participating with numerous  posters and presentations. Come and meet us there. Cardiology Basel at the ESC Congress in Munich, 04 | 09 | 2012  Also in 2012, the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) held in  Munich was a huge success for the department of cardiology of the university hospital  Basel. With more than 25 presentations, the young researchers from Basel were among  the world’s most successful research groups. On the pictures below, Raban Jeger and  Christoph Kaiser are unfortunately missing. (Click to enlarge)     
ESC Congress in Amsterdam, 31 Aug – 4 Sept 2013   The ESC Congress 2013 in Amsterdam was a great success for the young researchers  from the department of cardiology. With more than 30 presentations, the team of  Christian Müller was one of the main groups this year.  
The new annual report 2013 We wish you pleasurable reading!   
ESC Congress in Barcelona, 30 Aug – 3 Sept 2014   The ESC Congress 2014 in Barcelona was a great success for the young researchers  from the department of cardiology. With more than 30 presentations, the team of  Christian Müller was one of the main groups this year.  
ESC ACCA Congress, Geneva,  18 Oct – 20 Oct 2014   Some of our team members attended the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association Congress. A unique meeting for cardiologists, emergency care or intensive care physicians, internists, surgeons, imaging specialists, interventionalists, nurses and paramedics. The main theme of the Congress was “The Highly Vulnerable Patient"