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See you in Istanbul, 19-22 | 10 | 2012  This year, the annual congress on Acute Cardiac Care (ACC) by the European Society of Cardiology takes place in Istanbul. Our team is actively participating with numerous  posters and presentations. Come and meet us there. Cardiology Basel at the ESC Congress in Munich, 04 | 09 | 2012  Also in 2012, the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) held in  Munich was a huge success for the department of cardiology of the university hospital  Basel. With more than 25 presentations, the young researchers from Basel were among  the world’s most successful research groups. On the pictures below, Raban Jeger and  Christoph Kaiser are unfortunately missing. (Click to enlarge)     
ESC Congress in Amsterdam, 31 Aug – 4 Sept 2013   The ESC Congress 2013 in Amsterdam was a great success for the young researchers  from the department of cardiology. With more than 30 presentations, the team of  Christian Müller was one of the main groups this year.  
The new annual report 2013 We wish you pleasurable reading!